After two long days, Amarok Orange prevails

Big wins!

Amarok Orange started off day one of the Amateur Esports League (AEL) Season 3 qualifiers with two big wins, breezing through Divinity Blue and Code Zero! However, halfway through day one of the AEL qualifiers, Amarok Orange had difficulties playing against Valence, losing 7-3. They also lost to Phantom Rose Gaming (PRG) 7-1. In order to make it into the closed qualifiers, Orange had to win the last two games of the open qualifiers, luckily they knew exactly how to swiftly beat the last two teams. During the final games, they beat Marine Esports 7-0 and Rated Gaming 7-2. They have officially secured their spot into the closed qualifier, bringing them one step closer to making it into AEL S3!
Day two was the start of closed qualifiers, the last step before qualifying into AEL S3. The day was going to be tough for Amarok Orange, as they now had to beat the two teams they lost to the previous day. The first game was against PRG. Orange had a tremendous start to the day beating them 7-3! The next game, the last game before they either have to win to qualify into season 3 or fight their way through the losers bracket, was off to a bad start. Orange was losing 3-6 against Valence, but with great persistence, everyone on Orange stepped up their game and tied the game 6-6. They then proceeded to match them 7-7. With great attitudes during the entire game and perseverance, they were able to beat the two teams they lost to the previous day. They beat Valence 7-8, allowing them to earn their spot into AEL S3 through the winners’ bracket, alongside Project Neo.

See score lines and brackets here.