Amarok Wins!

8 teams, 14 Days, 1 Goal. To become the NACL Champions!

This was the dream, the dream that was cut short. Only 10 Days into the Eastern Conference Finals and all was changed. 4 Teams dropped out over the 11 days causing a premature Semi-Finals to happen. Amarok Esports Started off swinging, taking the top spot in just 2 days, and just running away with it. They remained undefeated for the entire season, only to have a few close calls with Swade Esports, Rose Esports, and Troll Team Six. However, none of that mattered! At the very end, Amarok Esports beat Troll Team Six in the Semi-Finals to face Swade Esports in the Finals. After a long night of gaming, Amarok esports Beat Swade Esports in the finals!